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Historic Renovations

Wood Panel

At Craftsman's Homes we specialize in the restoration of your historic home using time honored techniques and skills that go beyond the traditional construction company. We bring our expertise to Central Virginia and specialize in remodeling, restoration and repairs of older properties.


Historic remodeling and renovation is a complex process that blends the conservation of the home with necessary modern updates and focuses on keeping the structure’s historical significance. This type of renovation starts with a knowledgeable craftsman. At Craftsman's Homes Construction, we offer state of the art in-house planning and design services.


We have experienced quality craftsmen who take pride in their work and our company is built with strong customer service, great attention to detail and personal touch.


​As one of Virginia's premier remodeling contractors, we provide a complete design and renovation service from start to finish. From the initial design ideas for your home improvement, to the detailed work at hand, we listen to our customers. Our team works hard to create home improvement that reflects your ideas, dreams and budget.


Contact our experienced home design and restoration team to learn more about how we can help revive your historic property.​

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